Souldier Yoga is a mobile yoga studio offering authentic yoga experiences that teach strength and softness.

Modern living has forced us to become soldiers of sorts, battling stress, schedules and societal pressures. And in the fight, we’ve lost some of our soul. It’s time to reconnect. It’s time to become souldiers; to be fierce and free and to flow.


It's time to be fierce and free and to flow.

SOULDIER YOGA was founded by Firdose Moonda and brings together movement and mindfulness to create a lifestyle that is both strong and soft. It is a platform for observation, exploration and growth. SOULDIER YOGA aims to build strength and improve flexibility with intelligently sequenced classes, to encourage mindfulness and provide a space for meditation.

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Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold.
— Bob Marley