Testimonials from South African clients


+ Tristan, Cape Town

Firdose was my first yoga teacher, and her easy way of communicating ensured that I was able to access both the fun and nurturing sides of the practice very quickly. My enthusiasm for yoga grew from there, and as my strength and flexibility has improved I've been able to explore further each time I have attended Firdose's classes. I would highly recommend them for both beginners and advanced yogis.

+ Jane, Cape Town

I've always been interested in doing yoga classes ... but was always nervous about looking like an absolute newbie. Firdose takes all that away with her relaxed and fun yoga classes, which are tailored to both beginners and those who've done yoga before. I like how she takes time out to make sure you're in the right position - with correct posture - for the yoga moves. That way I feel at ease knowing I'm getting the best out of sequence for my level and body requirements. It's been great fun so far, and I've thoroughly enjoyed starting my yoga journey with Firdose as my instructor.

+ Susanna, Cape Town

Firdose encourages her yoga students to not only enjoy their practice but to challenge themselves. She offers practical advice during classes that help you understand how best to achieve a stretch or reach into a pose, and what benefits the poses give you. She is one of the kindest teachers I know and I love attending her classes.


Testimonials from International clients


+ Frida, Sweden

I had a super lovely experience with Firdose! She met up with me on the promenade and we walked to a beautiful spot in the shade for our session with a view of the ocean. I am a beginner to yoga which was no problem at all, she was extremely good at instructing and gave me lots of hands on tips and helped me understand my muscle groups and what to work on. It was a really good session that worked through the whole body and it left me with a great feeling afterwards which was fantastic after the long plane journey! Afterwards we went to a cool market to grab a smoothie and we had a chat and she gave me lots of great tips on what to do in Cape Town. Overall a great experience and Firdose is super lovely, friendly and knowledgeable! Recommended.

+ Pf, Qatar

Firdose is a playful, wise and talented yoga teacher. Definitely the best yoga class I've tried in Cape Town.

+ Shakera, USA

Firdose was such an amazing instructor! I have never done yoga a day in my life, but Firdose tailored the entire lesson to my pace and even targeted my "problem areas" that definitely needed work. The surroundings were so beautiful by the beach and the sound of the waves made the experience all the more calm. I couldn't have asked for a better one-on-one class because I learned so much from her.

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